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Whistling Tea Kettles

Whistling Tea Kettles

There’s probably nothing like the soft whistling sound of tea kettles early in the morning, that brings most ‘sleepy heads’ on their feet and ready to take that first hot sip of the day. The familiar high-pitched sound of whistling tea kettles are instantly recognizable in virtually any part of the world. From the origins of tea- China, to the westernized world- California, the traditional way of brewing teas and boiling water provided by whistling tea kettles, whether simply for breakfast or the more formal tea ceremony, have been delightfully unique and fun.

Whistling tea kettles come in various types, materials, and designs. Although primarily used in boiling water for that special tea-time of the day, some whistling tea kettles are intended not just for kitchen function but for elegantly bringing those tea events a more exceptional touch with unique designs and colors, as well as making them wonderful wedding presents, display collections, and house warming gifts. Check out these distinctive and amusing whistling tea kettles from easycoffee.com:

Whistling Tea Kettle Wedgewood Historic America
The design of this whistling tea kettle feature American patriotism with a painted scene of the old Capitol Building; the steel kettle has 2.5qt enamel perfect for heating water for that instant coffee or tea. It ideally fits any kitchen for that added touch of positive patriotism.
Price: .95

Giraffe Whistling Tea Kettle
If you’re an animal lover, this Giraffe whistling tea kettle will perfect your kitchen. The Giraffe-designed handle is heat resistant and non-fading chip resistant finish. This type of tea kettle will add some fun to that dull kitchen and will also make an interesting gift for special suitable occasions.
Price: .95

Rooster Whistling Tea Kettle
This whistling tea kettle is perfect for that morning day rush featuring a whimsical rooster design that always brings a mood for coffee or tea. The kettle has a porcelain enamel-on-steel body, and a stay-cool phenolic kettle handle and knob.
Price: .95

Camelia Whistling Tea Kettle
This three-quart enamel-on-steel kettle has stainless steel rim that quickly heats water and whistles when it’s done. It also features a stay-cool bakelite handle, whistler, and knob, and is ergonomically designed with flip-up trigger for easier pouring and handling.
Price: .95

With the cool and exciting features that whistling tea kettles bring to every kitchen, it’s no wonder that they’re among the favorite choices of tea hostesses; as they say “whistle while you work” and things get done pleasurably, in this case however, the tea kettles do the whistling for you when they’re done.


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