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gongfu tea

The gongfu tea ceremony or kung fu tea ceremony is a kind of Chinese tea ceremony,Tea also help old age, with health care function, drank thirty-two cup of tea a day can play the role of old ageļ»æ. http://www.greywig.com/Chinese-Tea-set-c1404.html gongfu Tea set
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There are many different flavors available for Gongfu Tea. If you are new to Gongfu, it can be confusing at first as to which of the countless tea flavored candies is right for you. Many have been sweetened with various sugar alternatives that many find are not good for you, while others may taste great, but just don’t taste right.

As soon as you taste a Gongfu tea candy, you will realize there is nothing like it. The rich aroma, rich taste, and smooth texture of these cookies are worth every cent. Once you try one of the many flavors of Gongfu tea, you will never want to go back to plain tea again. It is the best compliment to your morning tea, afternoon tea in the evening.

Just imagine, your friends and family are going wild over Gongfu tea cookies and you are embarrassed to order a simple hot cup of tea again. You can’t even eat tea when it is done in that lovely cupcake shape. You won’t believe the smells of ginger and spices when you open them – the scent is so delicious and inviting.

Everyone knows a tea lover will be thrilled to share their Gongfu with friends and family members, especially during the holidays. These delicious treats are wonderful gifts for everyone on your gift list. Why wait until the holidays to share your Gongfu? Everyone loves to receive gifts!


Your friends and family will tell everyone they know about the great things you have done and want to share the Gongfu. You may even find a new fan in your family. Once you try one of the many exciting flavors available, they won’t let you have any more. You will love how sweet and delicious it is and how much you enjoyed it each time you tried it.

There are many wonderful gongfu tea candy flavors available including chocolate, blueberry, coconut, mint, and even tea buttercream. Some of the best gongfu tea treats are the ones that offer cinnamon, chocolates, and a salted caramel. Everyone loves something sweet, so they are all fans of tea-flavored gongfu candies.

These cookies are easy to make and really fun to share with your friends and family. Gongfu tea candies are the perfect gifts for all of your holiday party guests. When you are choosing the right flavor for your guests to enjoy, look for those that are very popular such as Peppermint Pattie, Peppermint Snickerdoodle, Gingerbread Muffin, and any gongfu recipe you can think of. This will ensure everyone has a great time and has a little taste of the great gongfu tea.

Anyone can make these cookies and impress any guest or family member when they open up their gift of gongfu tea cookies. They taste delicious and are sure to become favorites with everyone.


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