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Floral Tea Kettles

Floral Tea Kettles

The attractiveness of tea kettles have probably reach every home across the globe; today, they’re no longer simply for boiling tea water, nor merely decorative accents in kitchens, but they have also become labeled as home “fashion statement” furnishing. An increasing number of buyers have accepted this idea and are using tea kettles as decorative kitchen fittings where eminent fashion ‘tea kettle’ trends are being extended across a vast variety of product categories.

Among the many designs of tea kettles, one such design stands out among the rest – the floral tea kettles. Floral tea kettles are classic and definitely compliments every lovely kitchen or ‘display cabinet’, so to speak; the various designs of flowers in every floral tea kettles bring out a soothing and natural blend to almost every type of kitchen and gives that homey touch of elegance and calmness.

Whether that floral tea kettle whistles or doesn’t make a sound at all, they’re still among the exquisite beauties that light up a kitchen. Check out these wonderful whistling floral tea kettles from easycoffee.com:

Wedgewood Desert Rose Whistling Tea Kettle
The desert rose design of this whistling floral tea kettle is perfect for that afternoon tea with close friends. The floral pattern features cream-based color with a branch bearing red fruit; the decorative design is perfect for both kitchen and collection functions.
Price: .95

Whistling Tea Kettle Forget-Me-Not
Its owner won’t certainly forget it as its beautiful floral Forget-Me-Not design along with its soft whistle would catch anybody’s attention. This 2.6qt enamel-on-steel tea kettle has stainless rim and insert, quickly heats water; it also features a stay-cool mylong handle, whistler, and knob in “comfortable-to-touch” finish.
Price: .95

Pflatzgraff Evening Sun Tea Kettle
The colorful floral design of this tea kettle is unique and decorative. It features a heavy gauge porcelain-on-steel, heat-resistant handle, and non-fading chip-resistant finish.
Price: .95

Camelia Whistling Tea Kettle
The beautiful Camelia flower design on this tea kettle will make every tea-time pleasurable. This tea kettle features three-quart enamel-on-steel tea kettle that has a stainless steel rim, quickly heating water and whistles. It also features a “stay-cool” bakelite handle, whistler, and knob, as well as designed ergonomically-designed with flip-up trigger for handling and pouring ease.

The tea kettle’s “boiling popularity” these days, has made various retailers and manufacturers incorporate it into a product line extension, from being a cookware item to a novelty and accessory item.


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