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Crabtree And Evelyn

Crabtree And Evelyn

There has been a trend for natural products in recent years and this has extended to skin care. The American company, Crabtree and Evelyn, started trading in 1973 and opened stores around the world. It built a reputation by using only natural, pure ingredients for its skin care products that would suit normal, oily or dry skin. The products for face, body, hands and feet work to keep the skin moist and young looking, combating any imbalances. Synthetic dyes are not used.

There are hands and feet creams including one specifically designed to treat dryness, which contains soy and seaweed. Another hand cream uses shea butter and algae extract. A foot cream also has peppermint oil and spirulina. Crabtree and Evelyn also sell a range of soap made from ingredients such as cocoa butter, nutmeg, cardamom, green tea, mango butter and cranberry. Sounds more like a snack! You can also buy liquid soap with cucumber, sage, citrus, aloe vera and jojoba oil. There are soap sets with a soap dish or pumice.

Various body wash and shower gels are available. Ingredients include lavender, mint, herbs, lemongrass, sugarcane and sandalwood. Facial cleansers and toners help to maintain the delicate face area, removing the residue of make up, excessive oil and the build up of impurities. There are cleansing soaps and exfoliating cleanser containing alpine extracts and crushed bamboo. The Crabtree and Evelyn fragrance range has body mist, eau de parfum and eau de toilette.

Men have not been neglected and the modern male also takes pride in the condition of his skin. Natural shaving balm with ginger, citron and bamboo is the perfect way to stop the skin irritating after shaving. There is also shaving cream with almond oil and a shaving set containing a brush and razor. Crabtree and Evelyn accessories include a manicure set and a travel pedicure set. The manicure tools are a pair of scissors, nail clippers, nail file, cuticle stick and tweezers. The set is presented in an attractive bag. The pedicure tools include a foot file, toe separators and nail brush. You can also buy a natural sea sponge and hair brushes made with natural soft bristles and wood handles and frame.

All these products would make excellent presents and you can order gift sets. They are designed for the man or woman in your life and for children too. They include a scented candle with ginger aroma and a selection of herbal tea.


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