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Cordless Electric Tea Kettle

Cordless Electric Tea Kettle

Tea kettles are among the oldest pieces of cookware. According to one account, the first tea kettles started to appear in Asia, particularly in China, around the time when tea became very popular as a beverage preferred by many courtiers and royalty. At that time, tea kettles were mainly made of porcelain, copper, clay, or cast iron.

When the Dutch East India Company started trading with China, among those that were brought back to Europe were tea and tea accessories, such as tea kettles. The English were quick to embrace the practice of tea drinking and many a household organized elaborate tea parties where they could socialize with guests and at the same time showcase their elegant tea kettles and china cups.

Through the years, the tea kettle has undergone many changes. From clay pots and cast iron kettles to ones made of copper and porcelain and later on ceramics, the modern tea kettle has certainly seen a lot. Now, it’s not unusual to find tea kettles that are powered electronically.

Electric tea kettles are considerably cheaper than fire-powered ones. And in some instances, they are more energy-conserving because most come with an automatic shut-off feature, which automatically switches off the kettle when the water has reached boiling point.

Electric tea kettles are commonly attached to the power outlet via an electrical cord, which conducts electrical current from the plug to the kettle. Inside the kettle is a converter, which transforms electrical energy into heat energy in order to boil the water.

But the presence of electric cords became too cumbersome for some people. As such, cordless electric tea kettles came into being. A cordless electric tea kettle possesses all the advantages of an electric tea kettle but without the inconvenience of limited mobility. Without the cord anchoring you down to the area near the power outlet, you are now free to carry your cordless electric tea kettle anywhere around the house – to serve your guests in the living room, for instance, or to bring it out to the porch for a quiet afternoon, sipping tea.

Like the regular electric tea kettle with cord, cordless electric tea kettles may also come with an automatic shut-off feature. They may also come with built-in whistle, which may either be removable or fixed, depending on the product and your preference. The whistle will indicate to you if the water is already starting to boil, calling your attention wherever you may be in the house. If for some reason you can’t come to the cordless electric tea kettle soon enough or you didn’t hear the whistle, the automatic shut off will turn the kettle off, thus fulfilling two roles: conserve energy and serving as a safety precaution.


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