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Copper Tea Kettles

Copper Tea Kettles

Copper tea kettles are among the types of tea kettles that goes back to historic times when the popularity of tea first started; it was initially used for boiling water in tea preparation, particularly in Europe during the boom of tea houses. Some copper tea kettles were designed for decorative purposes only, as the copper material was found to be an elegant finish that fitted a home β€œenhancing” touch.

Today’s improved and innovative methods of manufacturing copper tea kettles has made it quite a favorite type of tea kettle for many kitchens across the globe, not only for its stylishness but its quality as well. Be sure to check for the quality of copper tea kettles as some may be lacquered which are more suitable for decorative purposes.

Simplex English Whistling Teakettle
These hand-crafted tin-lined copper English Tea Kettles have since been a favorite in Europe, with its fast water boiling and its traditional design that makes it perfect for stove use. The tea kettle holds 2 quarts, with a flat base and a wooden handle.

Mauviel Cupretam Pour La Table Tinned Copper Kettle
These copper tea kettles features copper tin inside, and was tinned through traditional process having 1.2 to 2mm of thickness, cast-iron or bronze handle, polished outside, and fixed by strong copper rivets. The kettle holds four liters.
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Solid Copper Hammered Tea Kettles at Galasource.com
These copper tea kettles features protective coating to prevent it from tarnishing if used for decorative purpose, the coating should be stripped-off with any common lacquer before using it for kitchen function; solid copper kettle; 2-quart capacity; solid brass spout and black Bakelite handle; and nickel lined.

Solid Copper Windsor Whistling Tea Kettles
These solid copper tea kettles are fashioned after English whistling tea kettles, and features protective coating to avoid tarnishing; the tea kettle is also accented with black handle and brass, with a 2-quart capacity and is Nickel lined.

Solid Copper Tea Kettles with Wood Handle
This traditionally-styled solid copper kettle with solid brass and charming wood handle; it holds 2.5 quarts capacity, and is Nickel lined. Since copperware is generally used purely for decorative purposes, the kettle features protective coating to prevent from tarnishing.

Copper tea kettles have beautifully found its way through a lot of home’s kitchen not only for its functional use but with its modern unique designs and exquisite finishes that makes quite a difference.


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