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Liam is 1 year 4 month 22 days old in this video. For us to look back and remember. πŸ˜€

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11 thoughts on “LOOKING AT CARS!

  1. OMG I watched the visit with my friend for my birthday and I was more scared of the commercials than the actual movie!?Love you guys

  2. I'm planning to get a phone case like your. You always inspires me April.
    Liam so lucky to have you guys in his life.
    Love you and your family so much.
    Lots of Love<3

  3. April you guys could dress up as the Rubble's from the Flintstones cartoon lol Since Liam has a bat haha he could be Bamm Bamm and Justin could be Barney Rubble and you could be Betty Rubble for Halloween!

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