Grow Your Own Black, Green, and Oolong Tea at Home!

This is a growing guide on growing your own tea leaves for making
black, green, and oolong tea.
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20 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Black, Green, and Oolong Tea at Home!

  1. Luke, I live in So. Cal. Winter temps don't get extremely low here. With not a lot of space for greening up my home, would these be ok to have on maybe a front porch? Or out in the yard somewhere?

  2. "green tea or black tea is totally based on when you pick the leaves" ???
    I don't think so.
    It is based on the post harvest processing –
    White: wilted and unoxidized;
    Yellow: unwilted and unoxidized but allowed to yellow;
    Green: unwilted and unoxidized;
    Oolong: wilted, bruised, and partially oxidized;
    Black: wilted, sometimes crushed, and fully oxidized;

  3. I said the same thing, what's the MI guy doing on a different channel. I drink hot tea's and want to start growing the plants. I am in Zone 9, north of Houston, Texas. What time of year is best to grow tea?

  4. I have a serious question. I want to
    Do this but idk how to even take care of plants. If the leaves are not dried properly will they mold? I want to do this correctly so I don't make anyone sick

  5. Ok i was interested in making my own tea. But you lost me at "the time you pick the leaves determines the type of tea" ?? Im sorry but i dont have time for that. Im going back to buying tea at the the store. This was a very interesting and informing video tho. Thumbs up!?

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