Green Tea Weight Loss and Fat Burning Benefits – Why You Should Drink Green Tea


January 13, 2018

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What are the benefits of green tea? Green tea has been around for 4,000 years. And its benefits stretch all aspects of life. But what can it do for your weight loss and performance? Come find out about EGCG and green tea and how they can help you lose weight fast!

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Ivana Zirojevic
- 1 Week ago

Apparently green tea is good for you

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Kamal Song
- 1 Week ago

I didn't understand a damn thing 😐

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- 1 Week ago

Tea for life~

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- 1 Week ago

Does drinking greentea method applicable to asian diet? some TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctors said green tea is not good to be consumed on an empty stomach though

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- 1 Week ago

I'm so glad I don't drink coffee often

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M.E. Ultra
- 1 Week ago

You're not supposed to drink green tea on an empty stomach it can cause serious stomach upset and ulcers. Also, green tea isn't an alternative to water. Diuretics make your body dehydrated, if anything you should be drinking MORE water if you're drinking that much green tea.

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Alice Green
- 1 Week ago

Interesting video, no wonder you have many subscribers, I love green tea, I normally buy from China Directly at https://teadaw.com

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Vishnu Das
- 1 Week ago

Can I used during before gym

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Md Nasrullah Subhan
- 1 Week ago

how bout heaven and earth

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- 1 Week ago

Great video! Can you elaborate more on that tea tolerance level? Does that include the fat burning effects too? How much tea you have to drink to build that tolerance with its effects on you?

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Estefania Vallejo Montes

who was the tag team pictured?!?

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