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19 thoughts on “Top 10 Health Benefits of Green Tea

  1. I drink green tea with one teaspoon of honey… idk if its bad or nt but green tea buy itself is so yuck but with honey it tastes better… just wondering, would adding honey to green tea effect the bebefits of green tea?

  2. if you're wondering where to get natural green tea try going to a Asian or Latino store and maybe a flea market you'll have higher chances of getting a natural portion

  3. Weight Loss Green Store Tea is remarkably good. The order came in short time so I have been all around pleased.

  4. 1.promote good heart health
    2.lower bad cholesterol
    3.help weight loss
    4.removes toxins from body
    5.promote younger looking skin
    6.banish acne
    7.boost immune system
    8.protect liver function
    9.prevent kidney stones
    10.lover risk of lung cancer
    just saved your valuable 7:80 minutes

  5. i need.all.these health benifits! im anorexic in re co very and cant loose weight! Want to go from 40lbs (6stone) to at least 7½ stone

  6. I have to plug my nose while drinking it can't stand the after taste… but I'll try a teaspoon of honey and see how it goes

  7. Truly the best weight loss supplement! weight loss green store tea gave me lots of energy and also suppressed my appetite effectively. Everything that's written in the bottle is true. I just followed all the prescription in the bottle and did my fair share in my weight loss program.

  8. This may be a stupid question but all green tea is the same right? as there are different brands. I have been drinking Lipton green tea. I drink a ton of it I read somewhere they add sugar to it but it does not say that on the box so I am curious as I do not drink coffee jusr green tea all day every day .

  9. Everyone should keep in mind just because you had one cup of green tea that doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want

  10. i drink green tea also thats y my skin is so flawless its help you a lot i love it verry useful to avoid skin problem?

  11. the greatest benefit of a video is an audio track that supplements the video and text. I could learn the same about green tea reading an article and looking at some pictures, this video is nothing better…

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