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Green Tea Benefits – Tried And Tested Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Benefits – Tried And Tested Green Tea Benefits

Green tea has been around for centuries. The Japanese in particular consume large quantities of green tea daily. If you look at their society, you will notice that they are strong and healthy. If you look at their broad range of media, you will notice many of their classic movies and animated media have a large amount of tea drinking scenes.

You have to wonder, why does green tea enthrall an entire nation?

Scientists are wondering too, and have come up with some interesting answers that attest to the green tea benefits:

  1. Cancer- Green tea is linked to lower cancer rates based on population data.
  2. Scientists believe that polyphenols that are in green tea, help to prevent an outbreak of cancer within the body.
  3. Free Radicals – Antioxidants is one of the green tea benefits. Antioxidants help to clean the body of the effect of free radicals, and green tea has many antioxidants.
  4. Weight Loss- weight loss is one of the green tea benefits. Green tea prevents the intestinal track from absorbing excess cholesterol and helps to increase the fat burning capabilities of a persons body.
  5. Heart Disease- Green tea helps prevent the intestinal track from absorbing any extra cholesterol. The risk of coronary disease is lowered when there is less cholesterol to coat your heart in a layer of fat.
  6. Diabetes- One of the many green tea benefits is the teas ability to regulate and control a person’s body of sugar absorption. This is extremely important for those with type 1 diabetes, where there insulin levels are not sufficient to control blood sugar.
  7. Liver Care- Another of the green tea benefits is the ability of the tea to flush toxins from the body. The main organ in your body that filters toxins is your liver. Green tea allows clean up of a persons liver through the absorption of heavy metals and other toxins that are in your blood and then pass through the liver.
  8. Relaxing- It is not just about the chemicals in the green tea. When you relax and take sips of green tea and stare off into space, it helps to calm your mind and in thought collection. Though not as obvious, this is one of the many green tea benefits.

Though no one would blame you if you remain somewhat skeptical of green tea benefits. After all it does have the makings of a shady story. If you feel that way, perhaps you can do a little more scientific research in regards to tea.If you are diligent and do a thorough search you will see all of the benefits. People have been drinking green tea for centuries, that means there must be something good about it!


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