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Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Do you know why Green Tea is the healthiest beverage available? Read about the top health benefits of Green Tea.

Green tea is a delightful, flavorful, and healthy drink that everyone would like. To be convinced, don’t miss to discover the top well-being advantages of drinking green tea!

Why is green tea so healthy?

Green tea is a product made up of Camellia Sinensis leaves that have sustained insignificant oxidation throughout processing. As a consequence, it keeps its polyphenols, antioxidants and nutritional elements stored. Ordinarily, such components are imperiled in black tea during the fermentation process it undergoes. It’s popularly admitted that green tea was first consumed in China, 4,000 years earlier making it the oldest acknowledged herbal tea. Green tea is supplemented with a mixture of carbohydrates, enzymes, lipids, amino acids, and other dietary substances that makes it one of the healthiest drinks possible.

Green tea has been well upheld as a merchandise with potent curative value. The top benefits of green tea are weight loss, detoxification, fat burning, making skin and hair healthier, improving the digestions, controlling blood sugar, cholesterol levels management, building powerful immune system and many more.

Despite the fact that consuming green tea has been amalgamated with health benefits for ages, only recently have its therapeutic characteristics been examined scientifically. Resulting from some of the researchers’ reports, here are 10 green tea benefits.

  1. Aids in burning fat: Green tea is helpful for those who are trying to lose fat and weight. It helps to boost energy so that you may exercise longer and achieve greater results.

  2. Healthy Skin: Green tea is great for keeping your skin youthful while also adding a glow. Some research suggests that green tea works as an anti-aging agent.

  3. Healthy Hair: The anti-inflammatory properties of green tea improve growth of hair.

  4. Strengthens Immune System – Green tea has anti-oxidants along with polyphenols and flavonoids that help in boosting the immune system of the human body, thus helping you fight against infections.

  5. Boosts Resistance – Green tea helps to keeps you safe from cold and flu by providing vitamin C, which helps boost resistance.

  6. Lowers Cholesterol Levels – Green tea helps lower cholesterol levels and increases the amount of good cholesterol.

  7. Relieves Stress & Anxiety – Green tea has amino acids, which help to relieve stress as well as anxiety. It is a perfect beverage to soothe a troubled mind!

  8. Controls Blood Pressure Levels – Green tea can help keep your blood pressure low by reducing angiotensin, which leads to high blood pressure.

  9. Reduces Scars & Rashes – Green tea helps reduce the rashes and scars formed due to acne or skin infection by fighting against skin inflammation.

  10. Lowers Risk of Cancer – Green tea reduces the risk of cancer with its high antioxidant quantity. The anti-oxidants help the body to prevent cell damage. Damaged cells are believed to be linked to the development of cancer.

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  2. My mom tells me tea dehydrates you; seems like a myth to me as it's just water with herbs. Can anyone confirm if that's true or not?

  3. Can you get green decaf tea, also can I boil it in a big pan and put it in a big jug and put it in the fridge so I can take it work in a sports bottle, I know it will be cold from being in the fridge will it be just as effective and also being decaf too ?

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