Matcha Breakfast Smoothie Recipe | Danielle Hayley

Danielle’s Matcha Breakfast Smoothie is perfect for a healthy, blended breakfast on the go. It’s hydrating and packed with protein and nutrients to get your day started right. The special ingredient is matcha – green tea leaves that have been blended into a powder – super concentrated and packed full of goodness. Give this smoothie recipe a go and let us know what you think of it!

To make this Matcha Breakfast Smoothie you’ll need matcha green tea powder, rolled oats, macadamia nuts, peanut butter, runny honey, vanilla seeds, almond milk and coconut water. Blend it all together with ice and garnish with an extra sprinkle of matcha powder over the top.

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12 thoughts on “Matcha Breakfast Smoothie Recipe | Danielle Hayley

  1. Just found out about drinks tube and I tried this shake! It's delicious and very filling. Be sure to use a good blender!

  2. Great recipe. Thanks Danielle.
    I replaced the honey with dates and pellegrino instead of coconut water (sometimes)…. really good stuff tho. #vegan

  3. Can the macademia nuts be substituted for something more affordable? Also, what kind of blender is this? I am on a never-ending hunt for a blender that blends ice well.

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