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Culinary Starter Matcha (16oz) Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free Green Tea Power

Culinary Starter Matcha (16oz) Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free Green Tea Power

Taste like No OtherWhat is amazing on this Matcha is it combines great taste and wholesome goodness. Preparing a cup of this Matcha is just like preparing a treat. It has a subtle taste that even young people will enjoy it. It has its own natural sweetness with slight leafy taste that does not leave a bitter aftertaste. It is quite creamy and its flavor can never match with any other Matcha. It has a rich mouth-fill where its natural Matcha taste is balanced with its organic sweetness. Two words to describe it perfectly Γ’ awesome and refreshing. Best for any RecipeThis Matcha is not just enjoyed for a traditional drink. It is also perfect for lattes and frappes with no additional extra sweetness and creaminess. It is in itself creamy and making it into smoothies will be a superb treat for anyone at home. It can be a major flavor for cakes, breads, and any other snacks that the family enjoys. Its natural taste makes it a unique food enhancer. It can be made into more than a hundred recipes that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Well, with such a flavor, any recipe will become instant favorites. It will definitely make an ordinary day into a splendid one. Quality with a Low CostOne pack of this Matcha can make many servings. This is a huge savings. Its price is affordable and sometimes unbelievable for such a great quality Matcha. Quality is not compromised with its inexpensive cost. Most high quality Matcha is sold with an equally high cost. Low quality Matcha is also sold with low cost. But not with this Matcha. It is very affordable and can be enjoyed even by those with a tight budget. Its quality is guaranteed judging from its absolute great taste. This will surely become the next bestseller in the Matcha market today!

Price: $ 15.73
Sold by Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


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