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Vintage Tea Cups & Saucers | Collectible Tea Sets | Fine Bone China Tea Cups | Antique Tea Sets

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In this video I display some of the English fine bone china cups and saucers I have in my collection. Many of the most highly regarded bone china manufacturers dating back hundreds of years are represented in my collection. As I stated in my video “I love vintage bone china cups and saucers.

The video features tea cups and saucers from English manufacturers such as Foley, Shelley, Aynsley, Paragon, Royal Albert, Clarence, and others. There are also some bone china tea cup and saucer sets from other areas of the world. A set manufactured by Lomonosov from the USSR, another from the manufacturer Arabia in Helsinki Finland and a cup and saucer from Czechoslovakian manufacturer Crown Imperial are also shown in my video.

I love collecting and displaying my cups and saucers. Many of the most famous and most collectible vintage fine bone china examples come from a area of Staffordshire, England known as Stoke-On-Trent which is officially recognized as the worlds capital for ceramics. Many of the earliest manufacturers of fine bone china in England still manufacture china in Stoke-On-Trent to this very day. A fine example is Aynsley which was established in 1775. Aynsley still produces fine bone china to this day, nearly 240 years since their founding. They still produce some of the nicest bone china tea sets manufactured today..

Over the years many pottery companies have come and gone, unlike Anysley and a small handful of other companies producing and selling bone china tea sets and other china products.

While Aynsley and Shelley are two of my favoites I have seen, and actually own a few (far to few) excellent tea cup and saucer sets produced by EB Foley, Paragon (there are a couple of examples in this video) Coalport, Colclough, Royal Albert, Tuscan, Stanley, and too many others to list.

While for years I was only interested in English fine bone china I have recently taken notice of some of the fine work from other countries which shows up in the market now and again. I am especially impressed with Royal Sealy Japan which produced a large number of very collectible art-deco bone china cups and saucers in the 1940’s to 1950’s. I currently have a very nice bone china tea cup and saucer set by Royal Sealy Japan displayed in my Etsy shop.

I also like Lefton tea cup and saucer sets. The story of G.Z. Lefton and how he got into the pottery business is interesting. A successful sporting wear designer George Zoltan Lefton had such a passion for fine bone china tea sets that he actually stopped designing clothes and started his own pottery business.

This being my first video on antique and vintage fine bone china tea cup and saucer sets I won’t try to cover everything I know about them in this one description. Hopefully I can add more videos with more information that appeals to all collectors from the beginning collector just looking to add a few new cups and saucers to their fledgling collection to advanced collectors who have some really prize pieces they would never part with.

Please visit MollysCollectibles.Etsy.com where you will find a variety of bone china cups and saucers including several vintage sets. As of the time I posted this video this is a really pretty hand painted, signed (by G.Z. Lefton) cup and saucer set from Japan.

If you like vintage jewelry my other Etsy shop, MollysVintageJewelry.Etsy.com might be of interest to you. I acquired a massive amount of jewelry from the estate of a collector and have put some of the items on my Etsy shop for sale.

I will be adding more vintage fine bone china tea cups and saucers to my Etsy shop Molly’s Collectibles so please check there occasionally to see my lastest listings.

Thanks for viewing my video!

Sincerely, Renia
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9 thoughts on “Vintage Tea Cups & Saucers | Collectible Tea Sets | Fine Bone China Tea Cups | Antique Tea Sets

  1. My great aunt had some fine bone china that she gave to my mom. She doesn't want any of it. Could I possibly send you a picture to get a ball figure price from someone experienced as you?

  2. I have a huge collection of teacups and a Royal Albert Blossom Time China set as well. I also love vintage animal figurines.

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