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Top 10 Tea Kettles 2017 | Compare The Best Tea Kettles


2017 Best Ten Tea Kettles – Search Before You Buy

The report below ranked the top ten tea kettles by comfort affordability and features. Read on! Throughout the list, there is hope you will find one that fits your needs.ย  The list begins with:

  • thetitleThe Creative Home Alexa 3.0 Two Quart Whistling Kettle It is a 3.0-quart whistling tea kettle. It’s made from heavy stainless steel with a completely enveloped bottom for quick heating. Like almost all kettles, it carries a whistling spout and also a stay cool handle. This one-handed operated kettle comes in a variety of striking colors like chartreuse, purple and cherry red. We did find that it may rust quickly if you have the habit of storing water in it; so ensure to empty the kettle between tea times and wipe it down and dry it for more precaution. This 3.0-quart tea kettle put a particular accent on a metallic colored powder layer atop the dense gauge stainless steel build. The entirely encapsulated bottom enables faster heat. The stay-cool handle makes pouring easy. The whistling spout will notify you whenever water is bubbling. The Metallic Chartreuse color is a great burst of vibrant color addition to all kitchen


  • Next is The Kitchen Aid 2.0 Quart Kettle With C-Shaped Handle – Instantly cook and serve seasonal beverages, delightful soups, or hot cereals in style using this well-crafted kettle with a charming handle.
    This design looks great in Empire Red but you will find the same model in other colors also available in stores. The C-shaped handle comes with a smooth cushioned-feel grip which is helpful whenever the kettle is full and heavy. Although it’s not the lowest priced kettle on the list, it’s still a good price especially for a solid label like KitchenAid. But who are you getting? You’re taking that one for its lively color and we totally agree with that.


  • At number eight is The Oggi Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle In Black – We welcomed its nice broad bottom for swift and homogeneous heating. It’s sleek. It possesses a nice compact whistle and we unquestionably like the semi-automatic trigger spout which is meant for comfortable pouring. Despite it is said to be a nylon handle and the lid stays refreshing while touching it, some felt this not to be the situation. So it never stings to keep a pot rack around. Either way, it’s simple to wash and will look magnificent in every kitchen.

Primula Catalina Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle; Green Tea Matcha

  • next up is The Stainless Steel 3.0 Quart Tea Kettle From Primula Catalina – Stainless steel construction; Seamless; rolled bottom; Stay cool handle with trigger spout; Removable lid;3-quart capacity. We prefer this prototype for its sturdy structure, ease of maintenance and best of all, its handle that is always cool. The spout delivers flawlessly releasing a standard whistle sound; plus, it doesn’t splash during servicing. As with all stainless steel apparatuses, ensure to take particular care when washing it although you won’t be deceived with this tea kettle.




  • The OXO Good Grips Classic Tea Kettle – In style, brew tea with the OXO Masterpiece Kettle, a traditional-shaped whistling tea Kettle. The Kettle highlights silicone touch points on the handle, lid, and spout to help keep away from heat. Flip the spout cover down to close the spout and wait to hear the Kettle to signal by whistling when water starts to boil. Then by flipping the spout cover back, you will expose the kettle’s very spout that does not drip when pouring. For filling the kettle, all you will do is to get the handle out of the way by swiveling it down. A generous lid opening enables easy filling and most importantly, the cleaning of the kettle more comfortable and seamless. The kettle is made of high-grade stainless steel to guard it against rust. No electrical induction compatibility. It is an American classic. It’s truly the extremely beseeched OXO decoration piece when it comes to movie and TV sets. Large and nice, the handle is convenient and bent away from the spout that helps keep from wrist twist. The extended bottom turns hot fast and the whistle spout disengages automatically so you’re much unlikely to burn yourself on vapor escape. Just make sure to take-off the see-through silicone tape on the base of the cap or else the tea kettle may experience unbalanced heating.


  • Cuisinart Aura Enamel-On-Steel Stovetop Tea Kettle These enamel on steel kettles offer a unique sense of style and color to compliment todayโ€™s home kitchens. All Cuisinart kettles have convenient whistles to signal that water is ready. The tea kettles are in the marketplace in 2-quart capacities.


    • Porcelain enamel exterior on steel tea kettle
    • The teakettle heats up fast and preserves heat properly
    • Great color enhancement to every kitchen
    • Hand wash with mild soap
    • Limited lifetime warranty

    It arrives in at # 5 on the list. The aura enamel on steel tea kettle is in the marketplace in stylish red, black or white; plus it even has a limited lifetime guaranty. Cuisinart aura enamel on steel stovetop tea kettle highlights a polished trigger action switch and no dribble pour spout and if the handle can get heated, it cools off quickly. Some see it as an annoyance for the fact that the whistle increasingly gets louder but others like it. While this one only holds two quarts, it’s fabulous in case you’re looking to take up less area on your kitchen countertop.


  • The Hario V60 Pourover Tea Kettle – Finally, Perfect Pour Control! Start off every day with a feeling of paramount class thanks to the ideal drip coffee or tea kettle that pours over coffee and Tea.

    The long and skinny spout warrants the heated water ends up on your coffee grounds or sweet-smelling tea leaves in your mug with a smooth, gentle, steady flow, which is perfection achievement.

    This vintage pour over kettle will convert your boring morning cycle into a tasty satisfying experience.

    With its legendary gooseneck style, this English masterpiece pour over kettle will demonstrate it is simply the proper teapot that will complete your splendid tea time accessories.

    Is it aย  coffee kettle or a tea kettle? The Hario V60 Pourover Tea Kettle is both! Produced from first-grade stainless steel that does not erode or rust and with a glossy matte surface, this distinctive tea drip kettle is the genuine reward for coffee and tea lovers.

    Utilize this notable vintage, gooseneck pour over coffee and tea pot on absolutely any cooking range type with ease and peace of mind.
    Highlighting an ergonomically crafted soft-on-grab handle that will prevent your fingers from heat injuries, this traditional English fashionable kettle is a definite enhancement to any kitchen.


    • ย It comes with a free eBook entitled “30 Tips for the Best Pour Over Coffee Ever!”
    • Made of 1st-grade stainless steel and soft-on-grab handle
    • Accurately outlined gooseneck spout to enable flawless pour-over mastery
    • Can safely be used on induction, electric and gas stovetops; It is also dishwasher compatible
    • Buy the Hario V60 Pourover Tea Kettle risk-free, backed by a 100% satisfaction warranty.

    It is a beautiful professional-grade tea kettle that can be used instantly on the spectrum. Best for the pour-over tea brewing method, you’ll see its excellent pour control thanks to the patented tiny spout. The smooth stream helps give even delivery over groundย adding texture and tea taste. The metal here may not be as heat conductive as a standard pot and you’ll want a conduit tinier for that spout but it absolutely does brew an outstanding mug of tea.

    Risk-Free Purchase: The manufacturer is entirely confident that all about this traditional style pour over unique gooseneck kettle, from its top quality concept to its first-grade stainless steel and ergonomic holder will 100% satisfy you. If the Hario V60 Pourover Tea Kettle doesn’t live up to its promise or doesn’t exceed what you wished for, your purchase is backed with a “Full Refund Policy”.


  • Rachael Ray’s 2 Quart Porcelain Curve Kettle Stylish Design-The elegantly curved handle complements the compact kettle shape for a fun look in the kitchen. Colorful Porcelain Exterior – Beautiful, rich porcelain exterior color looks great and is easy to clean. Whistling Teakettle – Whistle feature signals when water is at a boil. A convenient spout lever is at your fingertips for easy operation. 1-1/2 Quart Capacity – The perfect size. The removable lid makes this kettle easy to fill.


    • Colorful Porcelain Exterior – Beautiful, rich porcelain exterior color looks great and is easy to clean
    • Whistling Teakettle – Whistle feature signals when water is at a boil; A convenient spout lever is at your fingertips for easy operation
    • 1-1/2-Quart Capacity – The perfect size; The removable lid makes this kettle easy to fill

    is fun properly appraised and stylish. It has a detachable lid for easy fill and great colors that will brighten up your kitchen much like Ms. Ray herself. The whistle is nice and loud so you can go about your business throughout the rest of the house and not worry about missing it. Some felt that the inside surface blackened quickly and as with other tea kettles, double-check the heat on the handle before reaching for it. But for style, this one cost clearly high on our list.

  • The Copco Red Delicious Apple Enamel On Steel Tea Kettle has that classic harvest time look. This tea kettle has a nice dirty feel along with the handle, demountable whistle and stem that stay cool to the touch. The whistle sound itself is a nice bonus wonder it sounds a bit like a harmonica with one pitch and then another tone ringing in. The lid seals nicely and priced at under $25. It makes a great enhancement to your kitchen.

  • The number one tea kettle on our list isย  Circulon Contempo thetitle2 Quart Enamel Whistling Tea Kettle A contemporary and stylish handle supported by cast stainless steel arms provides a secure comfortable grip. The fashionable red colored exterior is stain resistant and easy to clean. The convenient whistling feature signals when water is at a boil. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

    • 2-quart whistling tea kettle with glossy, stain-resistant surface
    • Easy-grip handle sports a trendy shape and allows for easy pouring
    • Tight-fitting stainless-steel lid retains heat and can be removed for filling
    • Cleans easily by hand; available in a variety of colors
    • Measures approximately 8-1/2 by 8-1/2 by 9 inches; lifetime limited warranty

    Nicely priced, it has a lustrous stain-resistant surface with an easy grip holder. The massively enameled inner not to mention the outside surface suggests this kettle heat your water fast and the tight-fitting stainless steel lid ups retain that heat. It won’t drip when you pour. It’s stain-resistant and easy to wash; plus you find it in a variation of colors. We also enjoy the lifetime limited warranty that the kettle comes with.

To read full reports for each tea kettle mentioned in this article and promptly narrow down to the one that is best for you, click here.


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