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Polished Brass Tea Kettle

Polished Brass Tea Kettle

A kettle is a piece of kitchenware. If you live in the United Kingdom or the United States, you probably use your tea kettle to quickly boil water for tea or instant coffee. But did you know that in other parts of the world, a kettle is not merely for heating water but for boiling and stewing? And in this regard, this makes the kettle one of the oldest kind of metal cooking utensil.

Tea kettles may be made with a variety of materials. Some kettles are aluminum; others are chrome. Still, there are others that are made of polished brass and in this article, we offer you a list of online shops where you can find polished brass tea kettle up for sale.

Note that we do not condone in any way the websites featured here nor the products they offer. The purpose of this article is merely to provide you with an organized list of products to make your search for polished brass tea kettles more convenient.


If you are especially fond of antiques, this is the site to go. The site offers for bidding a WMF Brass Tea Kettle, a European-style art deco tea kettle circa 1930. The product comes with its original stand, original burner and wick, and original cane wrapping on the handle.

Another item offered by this site that might interest you is a vintage polished brass tea kettle. It comes with riveted handles, with a wood grip and wood finial.


When it comes to online bidding, eBay is the premier site, hands down. Here, you can find anything from DVDs to vintage household items and all sorts of miscellaneous stuff that you haven’t even thought of. And with the right bidding strategy, you can get the best items for such a low price it’s practically a steal.

If you can find designer clothes and rare records at eBay, why not polished brass tea kettles as well? Especially since kitchenware items are some of the hottest products sold at this site.

Just type in your search term, for example β€œpolished brass tea kettle,” and the site brings you to a page filled with beautiful pictures of brass kettles in all their polished glory or vintage ones with just the right kind of rustic flavor in them.

One item that stood out is an Antique Brass Tea Kettle #4 with Copper Spout. Originating from Hong Kong, this tea kettle was used in tea shops that used charcoal fire around 75 years ago. The polished brass tea kettle has a diameter of 7 Β½ inches.

There are plenty more places you can check out to find polished brass tea kettles. But since brass kettles are a rarity, your best bet is to go directly to online shops that sell antique items.


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