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Electric Tea Kettle

Electric Tea Kettle

The popularity of tea kettles has been undeniably high, and it has been a common ware in most kitchens all across the globe these days. One such type of modern tea kettle that has been a favorite kitchen appliance is the electric tea kettle. The speedy and more convenient way of boiling water has been one of the main features of electric tea kettles; not to mention its being handy (for the cordless ones), where one can bring it to just about any place without looking like they’re “kitchen lost”. But of course, one can still get the older “burner-sitting” types of tea kettles, depending on ones taste and preference.

Check out some of the top electric tea kettles available in the market today:
Ibis Electric Kettle
This electric kettle is manufactured by Bodum, and can get seven cups of boiling water in less than five minutes, and features the handiness of being cordless that permits it to be used anywhere. Its corded base charges the kettle until one’s ready to bring it. This tea kettle is ideal for tea, as well as instant foods and coffee.

Braun AquaExpress Electric Kettle
The kettle features a fine big handle for easy hot liquid transfer, and gauges on both sides designed for easy filling. Its gold-plated heating element reduces the mineral scale build-up; the kettle is electric but its jug is cordless.

Deluxe Cordless Electric Tea Kettle
This electric tea kettle is shaped similar to the old stove-top kettles that give it a more classic look yet modern in ways of speedily keeping that hot water coming. It automatically shuts off as soon as water is ready for use.

Delonghi Metropolis Cordless Electric Kettle
This electric kettle features a futuristic look that makes that tea making process rather stylish. The kettle holds up to seven liters of water, has a detachable base, an ergonomic handle with locking lid, water filter, cool-touch body, water-level indicator, non-slip feet, cord storage, concealed stainless steel heating element, and an illuminated on/off switch.

Electric tea kettles are highly recommended for those who want the faster and simpler way of heating water for that hot beverage need, as well easy pouring and safety shutoffs when water boils to avoid unwanted accidents of “overly-dried-heated” kettles. In this modern world of instant things, electric tea kettles are “instant” ways of having that hot drink ready in no time.


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