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The Proper Way To Brew Green Tea

The Proper Way To Brew Green Tea

The Proper Way To Brew Green Tea

Green tea is a type of tea that is made from Camellia sinensis leaves that have not undergone the same withering and oxidation process used to make oolong Tea and black tea.

How To Brew Green Tea :

Makes 1 cup (multiply as desired)

What You Need For Brew Green Tea :

Ingredients :
6 ounces water, plus more if pre-warming the pot or cup
2 grams or about 1 teaspoon loose-leaf green tea

Equipment For Green Tea :

Kettle to boil water
Thermometer (optional)
Scale or measuring spoon
Filter or strainer
Tea cup for serving
Method For Brew Green Tea :

Heat the water: Place the water in a tea kettle and heat it to 160°F to 180°F. Alternatively, bring the water to a boil and then let it rest until it cools to the correct temperature. If you do not have a thermometer to measure the specific temperature, heat the water to just short of boiling. Traditionally Japanese green teas and spring teas are brewed at lower temperatures (160°F to 170°F) and standard Chinese green teas at higher temperatures (170°F to 180°F).
Pre-warm the teapot or cup (optional): Pour a small amount of boiling water into the pot or cup. When the pot or cup is warm, pour out the water.
Measure the tea leaves: Using a scale, measure 2 grams of tea leaves. Alternatively, measure 1 teaspoon of tea leaves.
Place the leaves in the teapot or cup: Place the tea leaves in the pot or cup, either directly or in an infuser.
Pour the water: Pour the water over the tea leaves.
Cover the teapot or cup: Place the lid on the teapot, or if using a cup, cover it with a lid or a small saucer.
Steep the tea: Depending on the particular variety, the tea should steep for 1 to 3 minutes. Small leaves generally infuse more quickly than large leaves. Set a timer for 1 minute. Taste the tea at 1 minute and then every 30 seconds until it is to your liking.
Stop the infusion: As soon as the tea is ready, remove the leaves by lifting out the infuser or pouring the tea through a strainer.
Recipe Notes :

Reusing tea leaves: Whole tea leaves can often be steeped 2 to 3 times, producing new flavors with each subsequent brew. Traditionally the water temperature is increased slightly for Chinese green teas and decreased slightly for Japanese green teas.

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7 thoughts on “The Proper Way To Brew Green Tea

  1. From my understanding, the loose leaf is brown because of a higher level of oxidation, which varies during production depending on what you want from your tea. In short, from the knowledge that I have, I am pretty sure the loose leaf is not green tea, but some sort of dark or black tea.

  2. I’m also here because my green tea was brown…why is it green with a teabag and brown with leaves…🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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