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Tea Review : Bigelow Green Tea Variety Pack

Tea Review : Bigelow Green Tea Variety Pack

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18 thoughts on “Tea Review : Bigelow Green Tea Variety Pack

  1. It's odd that Bigelow teas are only available at Walmart in Canada.
    I tried Save On Foods, Safeway, Superstore, Extra Foods and none of them carry Bigelow teas. However lots of restaurants do.

  2. Your not alone I do drink green tea hot or cold! Coffee too but green tea has less caffeine than regular coffee. But yea I make my green tea the same way too! However I drink it with 10oz of hot water with 2 tea bags. But nice video

  3. Tea assortment review without the tasting any of them? I could justify paying $5 for 18 assorted teabags to find the ones I'd buy more of, but over here, Tetley Green tea is Β£1.70 ($2.24) for 40 bags and tastes great.

  4. that same product cost here in peru 16.90 soles which is 5.02 dollars, is that expensive for you in your country, cause for me it was a little expensive, but I bought it because I love tea. In fact it was the most expensive product amongst all the products I bought at the supermarket where there were, liquid antibacterial soap — 2.23 dollars, 3 pack of body soaps– 2.85 and a big corn flakes– 3.83 dollars.

  5. Celestial's flavors are too bold and processed-tasting, in my opinion. I'm not a snob by any means, but for me, it's like drinking corn syrup and salt. Bigelow, on the other hand, is amazing, and Twinings is okay. There's a bigger selection in the UK. The US-based just has the essentials.

  6. I drink 3-5 cups of Bigelow green tea every day at work πŸ™‚ good stuff and not too "green" tasting.

  7. I drink this stuff called throat coat which is a medicinal tea for after i do a performance with my band.
    I sing for a tribute band that does metal music in the UK called the new wave of british heavy. So we do alot of iron maiden which means I have to hit high notes so I need to keep my voice in shape.

  8. dude you're getting ripped off! even the fancy expensive store in my area sells bigelow for $2.69.

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