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Custom Variety Twinings Tea Bags Assortment Includes Mints Review

The Custom Variety Twinings Tea Bag Assortment has some great tasting teas that are perfect for sharing with others. I make these tea bags myself so I have a pretty good idea what the final product tastes like. While I am sure this assortment is tasty and delicious, it can be somewhat difficult to pick the best flavor out of the many available to choose from.

One of the main features of the Custom Variety Twinings Tea Bag Assortment is the fact that it is able to be customized. There are two types of flavor combinations available. Here I will briefly describe the two flavors that I use and I hope you find some common ground between the two options.


Straight as an Arrow – Straight as an Arrow is an unrefined tea from Taiwan. The leaves are dry roasted for 30 minutes and then roasted again at a low temperature for about 20 minutes. This ensures that the leaves retain most of their natural aroma and flavor. The brew retains its brightness and subtlety and is very similar to black tea, but with a far more refined taste.

Cherry Popcorn – Cherry Popcorn is another unrefined Taiwanese tea from the Custom Variety Twinings Tea Bag Assortment. There is a slight hint of sweetness to this tea. The tea is slightly milder and quite tasty as well.

The beauty of this assortment is that you are able to try a variety of different teas without making a commitment to purchase any of them. It is also possible to make a choice between the two flavored options. While I love the crispness of straight as an arrow, I would prefer to try the rich and full flavor of cherry popcorn. The solution to this dilemma is to purchase both of the flavors and mix them together in one quantity.

To use these Custom Variety Twinings Tea Bag Assortments, all you need to do is purchase the appropriate quantity. You should also be sure to order enough teabags to fill your tea cup. For example, if you are using a 24-ounce tea cup, you should purchase approximately ten cups of each tea.

While the tea bag is not reusable, you should make sure to wash it thoroughly after each use. There is nothing worse than using your teabag only to find that there is still water and debris stuck inside it. Rinse it thoroughly and pat it dry.

I would not recommend using these tea bags for making lattes or any other hot drink, as there may be impurities in the brew. If you are looking for a nice hot cup of tea, I would suggest buying a fresh tea bag and simply pouring the tea into your mug.

Once you have found the tea that you enjoy most, you can purchase your Custom Variety Twinings Tea Bag Assortment to make that same tea again. With a little bit of creativity, you can have a new cup every day of the week and never run out of new flavors.

I have been drinking this tea bags since I received my first package in the mail a few months ago. Every morning I open the package to find a delightful and delicious cup of tea. Since that time, I have learned how to add different varieties of fruit and other flavorful ingredients to further enhance the flavor.

The best part about these Custom Variety Twinings Tea Bag Assortments is that you can use them in other recipes as well. By adding different ingredients to them and changing the proportions, you can get creative and incorporate these lovely flavors into many other recipes.

You can serve these teabags at meals, snacks, desserts, tea parties, and even take them with you on the go. Depending on where you will be using these tea bags, they can be used to enhance various dishes. From breakfast food to dessert, the sky is the limit!


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