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Hey everyone! Whenever I mention that I had a non-youtube job, I get a lot of requests to talk about it! I worked as a seasonal employee at David’s Tea, so this video is all about the good/bad about working, as well as some tips for your job I learnt along the way! Where was your first job?

My favourite teas from https://www.davidstea.com
– Fantasy Island (Black Tea)
– Lime Gelato (Green Tea)
– Forever Nuts (Herbal Tea)
– Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait (Herbal Tea)
– The Glow (Herbal Tea)
– The Skinny (Oolong Tea)

Whats your favourite tea from David’s Tea!?

Lipstick: Kinda Sexy & Creme Cup from MAC
(This video was filmed pre-lip injections!)
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  1. In Ecuador , Zara is friendly. The girls are Nice. Maybe it's something cultural but i don't know because Canada is known to be very Nice with Nice people

  2. I just applied to the David's Tea at my local mall and i'm praying that I get it. They said that they perfumed 1-3 years of sales or retail experience, but it wasn't required… And I only have 3 years of experience as a cater waiter. So anyways, I'm hopeful. And my friend works at a Winners in the same mall so that'd be cool. Ugh, I love tea so much though and I really want this job haha

  3. My first job was tutoring children while their parents had counseling sessions. I was 16 and was paid very well.

  4. My first job was at a newly owned restaurant and didn't even last a year being open because the owners were busted for having a meth lab, etc. they were beyond crazy anyways

  5. My first retail job was at a high-end baby shop in Montreal and it was notttt a fun time. I think when the product is on the pricier side customers feel entitled to say every mean thought that crosses their minds. Also having to speak French is a huge drawback for me. My French is decent but I'm a much better salesperson in English, so I constantly felt like I wasn't performing well enough in French. Needless to say I work on the internet now too and it's a way better fit 🙂

  6. My first job was at Old Navy and I've been working there for 3 years now! I definitely agree in that people should work retail at least once in their life, it teaches you sooooo much! But I will NEVER get over how rude people can be! Our first priority is the customer too and I'm always talking to them, making sure they're doing alright and getting other things they may need so if someone just blatantly disrespects me or a co-worker, I'm just taken back. Most of the time what they're mad over is not even our fault eye roll

  7. So this is your first video huh, I just put out a couple on my new channel, I would love if you could check them out, and if you could subscribing would be cool too!

  8. My first job was working for my family catering company and then I worked at a call center, that sucked lol

  9. I worked at J Crew in Georgetown, DC for a few months this year as my first retail job and it was honestly a terrible experience. The Georgetown location is the busiest store the company has, and there were literally 120 employees at this one store. My entire wardrobe was J Crew so I figured it would be grear to work there and get the discount. I have never encountered so many rude customers in so little time. A day didn't go by that people wouldn't knock over piles of sweaters, leave garbage in the fitting rooms, and many more disrespectful acts. When I started working there, we were told to always go the extra mile for the customer and to be as helpful as we can. However, I am only human. I am one person at the very bottom of the totem pole of a very big company. I simply can't accommodate all of the outrageous requests I got. People would ask me if I would measure them in different pieces so they could get things altered, they would ask to return an item they bought months or even years ago that still had the tag on but no receipt, they would ask for something to drink (we are a clothing store…not a food court). They would give me dirty looks when I told them that we don't allow clothes in the bathrooms when the line for the fitting rooms were long, or if we didn't carry their size in the store. I wish I had chosen to work at a local boutique or a smaller store. Rant over lol

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