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What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Black Tea Every Day

Many of us with busy lives need to have our caffeine fix for the day. A morning is not a morning without a warm brew and the smell of coffee. But drinking coffee every day does come with some downsides and the big one is coffee breath.

But if you want to prevent slamming on mints or chewing gum a great alternative is black tea. You may scoff at the idea of tea over coffee because nothing beats the smell of coffee in the morning.

But before you discard black tea, hear out the many health benefits you can gain from it. This is what happens to your body if you drink black tea every day.

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You can fight bad breath | 0:00
You can lose weight | 1:14
You can stop oral infection | 2:19
It will help you control diabetes | 3:15
You’ll have fewer cavities | 4:12
Your heart will be happier | 5:04
Improve your focus | 5:50
It helps your digestion | 7:03
It’s good for your brain | 8:03
It reduces your cancer risk | 8:59
Your risk of stroke drops | 9:41
Your antioxidant levels will rise | 10:23
Some risks | 11:08
So how much should I drink? | 12:02

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19 thoughts on “What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Black Tea Every Day

  1. I drink black tea and sweet rose tulsi with fresh orange slice🍊without honey or other additives. It's helping to remove fat

  2. I vomited 10 minutes after drinking half a cup of black tea. The last time I vomited was nearly 8-years ago after drinking a 2 glasses of tequila mixed with Gin and lemonade.

  3. For me personally I don't like English breakfast tea the black tea there's like no flavor there's no notes it's just onenote and it's just very very light

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