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Tea: What Is White Persian Melon Tea?

Tea: What Is White Persian Melon Tea?

White tea is gaining popularity in the Western world very rapidly. Renowned for its mild, sweet flavor and enormous health benefits, white tea appeals to a whole new crop of tea drinkers. White tea has a mild flavor that attracts those who might find black teas too bold and green teas too grassy.

The flavor of white tea is described by most tea drinkers to be light, airy and a bit sweeter than black or green tea. It is rarely bitter, even when over brewed and is best enjoyed without sweetener or milk. It brews to a paler color than black or green tea and has a very delicate aroma.

One of the finest white teas available is a blend called white Persian melon tea. This tea is a delicious blend of the finest white tea with the addition of refreshing melon.

Like other white teas, white Persian melon tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant. But, white teas are harvested much earlier than other teas, before the leaves are fully open and while they retain fine white hair on the buds. White tea is also processed differently than black and green teas, in that it receives the very least processing of all the tea varieties.

The leaves are simply dried and steamed. The steaming prevents the leaves from oxidizing. This protects the delicate flavor and helps the tea leaves retain their natural anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants in white tea make it one of the healthiest drinks you can find.

For centuries, the Chinese have used tea for medicinal purposes, but the modern world seems to just be beginning to understand the healthful properties that a regular diet of tea can afford. The anti-oxidants in white tea have been shown to fight cancer, heart disease and high cholesterol. White tea has also been shown to improve the immune system, too.

In particular, white tea seems to have the ability fight off bacteria and viruses. White tea is also high in fluoride, making it great for preventing tooth decay and inhibiting the formation of plaque.

White Persian melon tea gives you the sweet flavor and enormous health benefits of all white teas. However, White Persian Melon tea has the added flavor and benefits of the melon. Melons are a powerful source of anti-oxidants in their own right, and the combination of the two may make White Persian Melon tea one of the healthiest you can drink.

Melon contains an anti-oxidant known as GliSODin. This particular anti-oxidant is known to neutralize some of the most destructive free radicals in our bodies. However, GliSODin also has the power to stimulate our bodies to produce its own anti-oxidants, and has been clinically proven to help maintain cellular health and protect against oxidative damage in several studies.

In fact, GliSODin is so powerful that it has even found to be effective when used topically. Itโ€™s likely that weโ€™ll begin to see white tea and melon used together for skin care products as well as for drinking! The ability to make our body produce its own anti-oxidants may mean that consuming melon has a longer lasting health benefit than many other high anti-oxidant foods.

Brewing and Enjoying White Persian Melon Tea

All white tea should be brewed using water that is heated to just below the boiling point. Let it steep for about 5 minutes before drinking.

Youโ€™ll find that White Persian Melon tea has a bit more flavor than plain white tea. The melon adds a fruity flavor and enhances the sweetness, making this one of the most exotic white tea flavors.

White Persian Melon tea is a favorite for making iced tea. The addition of melon makes it one of the most refreshing teas; perfect for a hot day. To make iced tea, simply brew several servings of tea at once and allow to cool.

Since white tea is so delicate in flavor, itโ€™s not wise to make white tea and then pour it over ice while hot. Doing so may dilute the flavor of the tea to a point that it tastes too weak. Instead, allow the pitcher of tea to cool before serving. This keeps the original flavor of the tea by not allowing the ice to dilute it too much.

White Persian Melon tea is, of course, wonderful taken hot, as well. Because it is very fluffy, it requires a bit more tea per cup to brew. Begin by using about two teaspoons per cup and adjust to your taste. The best loose white teas can easily give you two good infusions. Always use fresh cold water and bring it to a boil. Then let it cool for a minute or two before pouring over the tea leaves.

White Persian Melon tea makes a relaxing cup for drinking just before bed. Because white tea has far less caffeine than black or green tea, it wonโ€™t interfere with your sleep.

White Persian Melon Tea can be difficult to find. White tea in general is rare; far less of it is grown each year. And, because White Persian Melon tea is just one blend of white tea, there is even less of it available. But, when you can find White Persian Melon tea, it is a treat, indeed.


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