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Black Dragon Tea

Black Dragon Tea

Oolong means “black dragon.” So when someone talks to you about black dragon tea, don’t immediately conclude that he’s talking about the rich and flavorful Chinese black tea you’re used to. Chances are he’s actually referring to the more delicate but equally flavorful oolong tea.

Because of the way black dragon tea is processed, it is sometimes called partially fermented tea or semi-green tea. It is a tea that combines some of the best qualities of both black and green tea.

If you value green tea for its delicate taste and health benefits, then you are sure to find that black dragon tea is just as delicate but with a characteristic fruity taste commonly associated with fully fermented black tea. But if you prefer a slightly less aromatic version of black tea, then black dragon tea may well suit your palate.

How Black Dragon Tea is Produced

Made from the partially oxidized leaf of the Camellia sinensis, the plant where all tea types come from, the leaves used in making black dragon tea range in size from young to fully mature. Often, black dragon tea is baked or roasted after being fully dried to produce a mellower but richer flavor.

Traditional oolong teas come from China and are oxidized and roasted, producing a darker, strong tea. These include Tie Guan Yin or the “Iron Goddess”; Fuo Shou or the “Buddha Hand”; and Monkey-Picked, and Wu Yi Oolong.

Next to China, black dragon tea is also quite popular in Taiwan where it is produced in great numbers. Taiwan black dragon tea are highly esteemed for their smooth flavor which they say is achieved through the use of fully mature, new-growth, and hand-picked leaves which are only slightly oxidized before being tightly rolled and dried. The method actually makes a tea that is very close to green tea, but with a much more complex, intriguing, and rich flavor that could only be ascribed to the black dragon tea or oolong.

Taiwan high mountain oolong is typically left unroasted, whereas Dongding oolong undergoes carefully attended, long, slow roasting at low temperatures to produce a richer brew. Other types of specialty black dragon teas that require unique cultivation methods include Oriental Beauty and Baihao oolong.

What a Cup of Oolong Means

Asian culture has become increasingly integrated into Western society in an aspect more profound than the ubiquitous presence of Asian cuisine. I’m talking about more than anime, feng shui, and oriental medicine here. I’m talking about a rich cultural influence that continues to pervade modern society today. I’m talking tea, my dear, and not just any tea.

The current trend of tea has inspired many Western scientists today to search for scientific evidence that attests to how tea promotes health. Most of the studies came up with the following astounding conclusions:

  • Lowers blood cholesterol
  • Reduces oxidation
  • Kills influenza virus
  • Inhibits increase in blood pressure
  • Reduces tumor growth
  • Reduces mutations
  • Inhibits increase of blood sugar
  • Fights carcinogenic bacteria
  • Prevents halitosis
  • Increases mental acuity

And much, much more! Who knew a cup of black dragon tea could do so much?

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