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What is Organic Green Tea

What is Organic Green Tea

The world is becoming increasingly aware of the harmful effects that come from chemical pesticides and fertilizers, allowing organic products like organic green tea to increase in popularity. Green tea is a widely produced form of tea that is consumed in China and Japan as well as across the rest of the globe. Green tea has been valued in China for its medicinal capabilities as well as its promotion of good health, and organic green tea is even more popular because it is completely natural and organic, and nothing is better or more natural than that.

What sets green tea apart from other types of tea is the fact that it undergoes a minimum amount of oxidation during its processing, preserving the high quality and the natural elements that are associated with the fresh green tea leaves. Green tea leaves are plucked and handmade during the early part of the spring. The bright green leaves which are still quite young are baked or steamed in order to preserve their freshness, and the resulting green tea is quite rich in nutrients and minerals.

Organic green tea is green tea that is free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but rather is grown completely naturally. Organic green tea can refresh your body because it offers a high Vitamin B content, which allows you to deal with stress, releasing energy more readily. Organic green tea will also help to restrain the growth of the bad bacteria responsible for causing disease.

Organic forms of green tea are rich in healthy caffeine and Vitamin C. Chinese green teas like this are prized for offering a sweet and herbaceous flavor. They offer a refreshing taste which sets them apart from other kinds of teas. Japanese green teas are also delicious and fragrant, offering an excellent color and wonderful flavor that compliments many meals and drink choices.

Organic green tea is also capable of helping to reduce the risks associated with cancer, especially because this form of tea offers so many excellent antioxidant properties. Antioxidants protect your cells from a natural process known as oxidation. Oxygen may be vital for life, but the process of oxidation produces free radicals which are capable of damaging your cells. Antioxidants are capable of eliminating these harmful free radicals and preventing more from being produced.

Green tea contains polyphenols, which are really powerful and beneficial antioxidants. These antioxidants favor the bacteria that are beneficial within your body, and they kill the bacteria that are harmful to your health.

Organic green tea is the right choice because organic forms of green tea are subject to securitization to make sure that the plants are grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers or other harmful exposure. These plants, which are grown completely naturally, produce completely natural and healthy tea leaves; and this means that organic forms of tea leaves are the most ideal tea to consume.


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