Fast Weight Loss with Green Tea | Green Tea for Weight Loss | Weight Loss Tea Recipe


June 3, 2017

Fast Weight Loss with Green Tea | Green Tea for Weight Loss | Weight Loss Tea Recipe

Green Tea Recipe for Weight Loss | When /How to Make / Use / Drink Green Tea to Lose Weight Fast | Health Benefits | Who should Avoid | Types | Side Effects | Green Tea 101 | Best Time to Drink | How to Use Green Tea for Weight Loss | When to Drink | Green Tea for Flat Belly | DIY Green Tea Recipe | Green Tea Safe for Pregnant Women / Nursing Mothers? All Green Tea Doubts Cleared by Versatile Vicky

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Lalit Mohan Bhatt
- 2 Years ago

This is great its the best explanation i have ever watched about green tea.


make green tea a part of life
stay slim and have a long life

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Rajeev Vallechha
- 2 Years ago

wowwww very informative…jst luv fr dis

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nithi Jayaprakash
- 2 Years ago

Very Good explanation given on why,when and how to drink green tea,benefits of drinking green tea etc.,

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Ruth Noel
- 2 Years ago

I find this useful. I've been drinking green tea for 5 years now to keep in shape

Reply   Like
- 2 Years ago

Man, I need serious help. I am addicted to food. I can't stop eating. Even when I am eating a big meal I am thinking about food and my next meal. I am a type 1 diabetic and I have heart disease. I am going to look into foods high in polyphenols and going to start drinking green tea to help burn fat and control my appetite.

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Pushpa Pradhan
- 2 Years ago

thanks a lot for such a nice video

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Kahkashan Afzal
- 2 Years ago

plz Vicki ji ramzan k lye koi new video banaye na

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rizwana khan
- 2 Years ago

plz explain in hindi my grandma wants

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nipa nabi
- 2 Years ago

vrry good lecture on green tea, thanks a lot

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aia Ocampo
- 2 Years ago

I'm actually drinking green tea while I'm watching your well made video.. thank you for the info's … this is my first time tryin it..

.. have a nice day..

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Senne kaur's
- 2 Years ago

Thanq so much , I just got to ur channel and I found your are really good dear, have been struggling to lose weight , can't work out , do I diet and end up eating not so healthy, things I am having an exam in few days after that will try ur diet plan of kadoo, loki n moong daal

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Shiela M
- 2 Years ago

I drink green tea and oolong tea every single day….and help me loose 10kls.

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Kayla Cook
- 2 Years ago

this is helpful thank u

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Cuppa Tea
- 2 Years ago

I'm thinking of drinking my green tea with the loose leaves in the strainer, then eating the remaining leaves after i've drank it. Seems like a version of match where I can get those 78% extra nutrients.

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Ms. Kanika Dhiman
- 2 Years ago

sooo soothing voice…
I'll follow your videos

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