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8 Side Effects of Green Tea you should be aware of || Health Tips

Did you know that green tea has side effects? As shocking as it might seem, it is actually true. Seriously.
I don’t remember how many times I have seen people worshipping green tea. Well, worshipping is probably the apt word – because that’s how beneficial this miracle drink is.

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16 thoughts on “8 Side Effects of Green Tea you should be aware of || Health Tips

  1. i watched this becuase i felt extremely ill after taking a double dose of greentea, i usually drink coffie but didnt like the acidic effect it gives me so went to try a drink i thought would be better for me, boy i was wrong, too much tea can also be fatal, thanks for the video. This subject is worth looking into, marketing for profit by harming others should be a crime.

  2. I drank 3 cups a day of green tea a day and doctor told me that I had severe iron deficiency anemia. I had to stop taking it and I've noticed a little bit of improvement

  3. Worst video on green tea, the benefits outweigh any negatives. One glass of red wine is good for you but a bottle will harm you, the dose makes the poison.

  4. people seem very agitated in the comments. this video is helping in reminding you of moderation that's all, it's not telling you not to drink green tea. you can't just look at the positives and form an opinion without also looking at the negatives, that would just be biased towards the information that you looked for. this video was informative reminding people amongst all the positive videos and advertising about green tea to not over do it. anything in excess is bad for you. πŸ™‚

  5. Guys you know what this Internet is bulshit most of the time for just a small thing it pulls a big deal out of it lots of people drink this and no one died til yet so stupid

  6. i drink and take green tea supps for idk how many years and lost about 20 lbs and kept it off or close to it. The only side effect i get is having to take a piss a lot lolol and that should be no surprise since green tea is a diuretic and also when you drink a lot you pee haha. Other than that this stuff is great will i ever get sick or anything idk maybe, but for now i feel great.

  7. i drink 1-2 cups a day and also perfect health, i have lost over 14pounds while drinking green tea, the weight has, also remained off..

    green tea is safe too drink, only some studies accept *iron deficieny overtime in excessive amounts*, likewise the flushing effect of urine,in the loss of calcium, so take calcium & multi vitamin supplements…

    its ECGG promotes weight loss, virtually none of the negatives** of taking green tea are conclusive, especially lowering testostorone, many claim is improves- not declines…**

  8. You didn't say how green tea is bad for you and good for you.Β  How much is to much Β on a daily basis?Β 10 oz o r 20Β oz and so on.Β  Thank you.

  9. What a dumb video. Just google some of these things and they're way off.
    The osteoporosis one: https://saveourbones.com/try-these-7-teas-that-help-repair-damaged-bones/

    The testosterone one: "A recent study, also in vitro, found the opposite effect: In this case green tea boosted testosterone1. Not only that, but it did so in a way that would affect the usual lab test for detecting testosterone use in athletes."

    The liver one: ".. there are clear and measurable recommendations for the safe and effective consumption of green tea that give you the health benefits without compromising your liver. Given the wide spread consumption of green tea and its extract, liver injury from green tea is rare. The problems associated with green tea and the liver are primarily linked to the consumption of high concentrations of green tea in single doses, such as those associated with weight loss supplements and highly concentrated extracts. The maximum tolerated dose in humans is reported to be 9.9grams of green tea extract per day. This is equivalent to a maximum of 24 cups of green tea per day."

    I could go on….
    Complete bullshit video.

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