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Matcha Sponge Cake⎜抹茶海綿蛋糕

Full recipe here – http://wp.me/p5YGlb-7z

Enzo’s Organic Matcha Powder – http://amzn.to/2sIQ3wq
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13 thoughts on “Matcha Sponge Cake⎜抹茶海綿蛋糕

  1. my bestfriend's bday is coming up and he really likes matcha cakes, I have searched and watched many recipe vids but ths is the best one so far ! thx u

  2. Used this recipe to make matcha azuki cake yesterday ! It turns out freaking good and all my family members loves it . But there is one problem which is the cake that i make not as soft as what i eat at outside . Why ?

  3. followed this recipe to the T and came out absolutely perfect! even did the ganache and cream filling. One question though, can I expand this recipe to a full pan size? A 28cm round pan? If so, how would I adjust the ingredient amounts, timing etc? Thanks again for the delicious recipe

  4. 您好!我买的抹茶粉都是有点偏黄的,买了好多种没有一次买到深一点的绿颜色,抓狂……..请问你可以告诉我你用的是哪一种的抹茶粉好吗?Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!

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