How to Make Green Tea (Matcha) Cookies | rachel republic

These green tea cookies are perfect for any get together. They have just a hint of almond extract and a splash of matcha flavoring. They are perfectly sweet and tasty.

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8 thoughts on “How to Make Green Tea (Matcha) Cookies | rachel republic

  1. Decent recipe. Maybe I over-mixed (I had issues with my new stand mixer) but the dough came out dry (I had a lot of trouble getting it to hold together) and I had to do some problem solving. My cookies didn't flatten as much as yours during baking so they were a little underdone and I had to put them back in the oven. They're still slightly under but in a way that has a slight crumbly crust on the outside while being relatively moist in the middle. They remind me of those Chinese almond cookies. The final results are tasty. It's a little too sweet for me but I appreciate not having to add chocolate or having too much bitterness from the matcha.

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