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Green Tea Matcha Cake

Matcha Cake (抹茶蛋糕) **

【Ingredients】10 g castor sugar, 60 g egg yolks, 30 g corn oil, 5 g green tea powder (add 20 g boiling water; mix till smooth; add 30 g room temperature water; mix thoroughly; set aside to cool down), 40 g cake flour, 105 g egg whites, 1/16 tsp cream of tartar, 45 g castor sugar, 200 g dairy cream (≈35% fat, thoroughly chilled), 1 tsp green tea powder

Green tea is a health food. Hence, green tea cake is also a health food. Eating health food is good for you. Hence, eating green tea cake is good for you.

Music: Friendly Day (0:0-1:10), incompetech.com; Plucky Daisy (1:10-1:58), incompetech.com


12 thoughts on “Green Tea Matcha Cake

  1. I used water bath in baking this cake today! And a loaf cake mold! It is just perfect! It is soft and has a little moisture. I love this cake! I am wondering how to make the cream layer tastes better, so I also add sweet red bean in cream. This is a nice recipe. By the way, don't use organic matcha powder. It turned out like burnt instead of green.

  2. I tried this today! It's very nice! I used four drops of lemon juice and it worked just right. The only problem is I am using a different mold, and I didn't use cardboards. The cake thus turned out to be little brown than green. I read the reviews and I decided to try water bath next time. Also cutting the cake is really difficult! It's soft and will deform when you cut it. However it tastes good even mine doesn't look good. Love this video. I love corn oil over butter, since the later has to melt. And I use corn oil to cook so it is also more convenient.

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